Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Company Reimagined site started?

Company Reimagined Founder Tanya M. Howard gets it because she is an entrepreneur herself. In the building and early growth stages of entrepreneurship, the needs are great. There are always more facts, funding and referrals to track down to get to the next level. Information and funds are in demand to build enterprises, introduce products or services to the market, to adhere to legal and government guidelines, and to cover expected and unexpected business challenges and opportunities. Mistakes and setbacks happen. It’s part of the entrepreneurial path, but learn from ours and save yourself valuable time and money.

Ms. Howard has been there. In addition, throughout her career, she has mentored many entrepreneurs and professionals. Company Reimagined broadens her ability to give back on a national platform, with a focus on providing resources to female and minority entrepreneurs and small business owners who tend to be underserved in this area.

Why is there an application fee for the chance to win a grant?

The nominal fee helps to cover expenses to further develop and maintain the website and to promote availability of the monthly and annual grants.

Why can’t everyone be eligible for the Company Reimagined grants?

While starting a new business is exciting and challenging at the same time for everyone, it can be particularly difficult for women and people of color. Studies throughout the years consistently find that fewer grants, bank loans, venture capital, and other investment are made available to women and people of color pursuing their dreams of self-employment and small business ownership. Company Reimagined wants to empower women and people of color aspiring to own a business by providing them grants, insight and tools to do it.

What are the selection criteria for grant winners?

In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements and being attentive to application details, the grant applicant should tell us about their business and business journey in a compelling way. Let you and your business shine in ways that reveal your vision, passion, business acumen, track record and accomplishments, creativity, resourcefulness, and tenacity.

What’s available to members at Company Reimagined?

As a Company Reimagined member, you will have unlimited access to information, insights and tools curated exclusively for you to help scale your business, as well as your hopes, dreams and ambition, to new levels. If you want to go big, become a member today to learn about wealth building, success, leadership, and excellence. As an emerging business, we know that you need to take care of business. Time is at a premium. Company Reimagined membership is a foolproof way to get many resources you need right at your fingertips.