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We’re here for women and people of color, pursuing their own path in business. Like you, we’re women, we’re minorities and we have an entrepreneurial calling. Check out information and resources here that will help make your business venture more effective and successful.



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According to the 2017 Inc. Entrepreneurship Index, about 6.4 percent of today’s professionals are entrepreneurs, the highest percentage since 2010. The Index confirmed that there’s 15.8 million self-employed workers in the United States, most of them being one-person operations. When you become your own boss, there are multiple wins for you, your customers and the U.S. Entrepreneurs drive creativity, innovation, jobs, market competition, prosperity, and productivity to strengthen our national economy.

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Need a grant – that’s free money – to help with your business startup? Funding is a challenge to come by for startups, so start here. Need more, in-depth information, tools and resources for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, conveniently located in one place? Look no further.